Rémy Virin



I'm currently working at Prynt, as the iOS Lead Engineer. At Prynt we're creating a new way to share digital content on a physical object. To achieve this goal we created a Prynt Case for iPhone and Android which prints your photos! It's really exciting to work on a hardware B2C product.

I develop my apps with a passion in UX, UI, TDD and Continuous Integration.

Before Prynt, I work for Lima, an hardware startup too, we created a personal cloud. Before that, I was a freelance iOS developer I worked for Homengo (french startup, le camping alumni), Psykosoft (Techstars alumni), Warner Bros.


  • Strong knowledge of Objective-C, Swift & iOS
  • Basic Knowledge of JAVA, C#, Python, Javascript (Google Apps Scripts)

  • Continuous Integration on iOS: automated deployment, software factory (Jenkins)
  • Good knowledge of the iOS ecosystem (CocoaPods, Reactive Cocoa, Instruments, TestFlight, Google Analytics, Crashlytics…)
  • Git, github, Subversion, Mercurial

  • TDD, Agile (SCRUM)

Lead iOS Engineer @ Prynt

Jun 15 - Present

Leading the iOS team at Prynt a startup that transforms your iPhone in a Polaroid.

I'm also a manager, I conduct 1o1, organize quaterly reviews, help people grow in the company.

I also built this cloud for fun (video below) during our creativity days:

Speaker at Mobile Central Europe Conf, Warzaw - Poland

Jan. 14

I spoke at MCE conf about Continuous Integration on mobile. You can watch me speech here :

MCE 2014: Remy Virin - Continuous Integration, from Unit Tests to hardware

iOS Developer at MeetLima

Nov. 13 - Jun 15

At Lima, we're creating a new way to unify all your devices' memories. I'm in charge of the iOS apps and the CI.

I also help the Android developer to get on track with the core, CI, TDD and software quality.

Lima raised 1.2M$ through kickstarter, and then 2.5M from Partech Ventures.

winner of the best use of Rdio SDK at NSMeetup hackaton - San Francisco, CA

Project made one day for the NSMeetup Hackaton. I won the best use of Rdio SDK award :)

The basic idea of this project is to have a music which rhythm/BPM adapts to your pace of work: press 'Fast' or 'Faster' and the app serves you songs with a higher or lower BPM.

We retrieved songs from Rdio using their iOS SDK, requested Echonest's web services to retrieve the BPM and sorted them by BPM. I did all the iOS code on this project!

Interns’ Manager

At OCTO, I was in charge of some interns in the Mobility Department.

• Train them to produce iOS code according to our standard of quality (TDD, code metrics, CI etc…).

• Follow them with a weekly point to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and improve them.

• Follow them during the writing of their internship report and correct them.

Open source project : pie chart component

This component allows developers to implement a visually pleasing, customizable pie chart.

I develop this project on my free time and during my work at Octo.

iOS Lead Developer

Dec. 12 - March 13.

I'm the iOS Lead Developer at Skimm, a startup based in France local competitor to Square: we're developing a new way to pay with your smartphone!

Responsibilities and Accomplishments:

• Lead iOS Engineer

• Oversees the quality of the developments

• Set up and maintain Continuous Integration server (Jenkins)

• Involvement in product strategy and decisions

App Store link : http://bit.ly/Ywbg2F

Consulting & Audit for AXA GS - Barcelona, Spain

Oct. 12 - Dec. 12. Consultant for OCTO Technology

At Axa - a private insurance company - I helped development teams improve the quality of their developments and applications:

Responsibilities and Accomplishments:

  • Audited all AXA Claims applications and delivered recommendations for enhancements
  • Set up a Continuous Integration server (Jenkins) with plugins to build iOS apps (run unit tests, code metrics, ship apps over the air)
  • Delivered a report explaining how set up & configure a Jenkins for running iOS builds

Development of iPad app for a European bank - Brussels, Belgium

Mar. 12 - Nov. 12. Consultant for OCTO Technology

I came up with the app's UX for this mobile banking iPad app: Keytrade's app allows users to consult their accounts, visualize the In & Out with clear charts, and trade stock in real time.

Responsibilities and Accomplishments:

  • Developed the app
  • Handled client and middle office connections
  • Contributed to project meetings.

Link to an article I authored about this app: http://bit.ly/ZGRypl
App Store link: http://bit.ly/W3afhU
KeytradeBank EN

Development of iPad and iPhone apps for a European bank - Brussels, Belgium

Mar. 11 - Mar. 12. Consultant for OCTO Technology

Developed the Easy Banking apps for iPhone and iPad that shows historic of transactions for each accounts and allows money transfers.

Responsibilities and Accomplishments:

  • Developed the app
  • Handled client and middle office connection
  • Contributed to the project meetings in English. (End and beginning of iterations, QA meetings).

App store link: http://bit.ly/YIoj6O

Easy banking - Vos opérations bancaires en toute mobilité sur votre iPhone et iPad

Mobility consultant & Developer of an app - Paris, France

Dec. 10 - Feb. 11. Consultant for OCTO Technology

This app allows user to consult in real time the french electricity consumption, production, and CO2 emission.

Responsibilities and Accomplishments:

  • Developed the RTE-éCO2mix app
  • Redacted of documentation for RTE
  • Contributed to the project meetings

App Store link: http://bit.ly/W0b2jl

Internship: Development of an app for OCTO Technology - Paris, France

Apr. 10 - Oct. 10.

This app allows Octo employees to consult their time sheet and the directory of the company.

  • Analyzed the Octopode Tool
  • Identified the functionalities to develop
  • Creationed story boards
  • Integrated to the back office
  • Deployed over the air on all the iPhones of the company

Internship: Quality audits at Valeo - Birmingham, UK

June. 08 - Sept. 08.

The aim of this internship was to audit the work stations of the factory to ensure the quality of the products and safety of the employees.

  • Organized the audits with a timeline
  • Conducted audits of all the offices of the site
  • Updated old procedures
  • Added new to standards to ensure quality
  • Documented and formed of the employees to the quality audits


ESME Sudria, Paris, France (2010)

Generalist Engineering School specialized in IT, Electrical Systems, Telecommunications, and Electronics.


Analog & Polaroid Photography, Art, Travels (China, Indian Ocean, South America, Europe...), Badminton, Sailing, Snowboarding.